What are CAT tools?

CAT tools are applications that help translators do their job. For the client, the use of these tools means cost savings and shorter delivery deadlines.

What is localization?

Localization is a specific type of service, which involves, besides the translation itself, adapting a product to the customs and needs of local users while

How is the price of interpreting determined?

The price of interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) is based on full day and half day rates. We offer special prices for interpreting of official acts

How much will I have to pay for the translation?

Our prices are competitive, and we believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Ask us for an offer.

Who will translate the text?

Our translators only do translations into their own native language. These are proven translators with appropriate education and experience.

Will the translation of the text be good?

Our agency strives to provide the best possible translations. That means the text will contain no spelling, grammatical, lexicographical or other deficiencies, and its content

How long will it take before the translation is finished?

The guideline for the delivery deadline is 8 standard pages of text per day. The days when the text is received and delivered do not count

How do I determine the number of standard pages or the word count?

The number of characters in a text is shown by the software in which your original text is written. If you do not want to

How do you measure the length of a text?

The length of a text is measured in terms of the standard page, meaning 30 lines of 60 keystrokes, i.e. 1800 keystrokes including spaces. The

Jak se měří rozsah textu?

Měřítkem rozsahu textu je zejména u ověřených překladů normostrana, kterou se rozumí 30 řádků s 60 úhozy, tj. 1800 znaků včetně mezer. U překladů využívajících nástroje CAT se rozsah

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