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public authorities

We offer special prices for interpreting at official acts of short duration (e.g. at the registrar’s office, before a notary, or at weddings). For a price estimate, please send us an inquiry (link).

at business meetings

Consecutive interpreting means interpreting with a delay, i.e. the speaker interrupts his/her speech after brief segments, giving the interpreter time to translate what has just been said.

at conferences

Simultaneous interpreting means interpreting without interruption of the interpreted speech. Simultaneous interpreting usually involves the use of interpreting technology (a booth – two interpreters take turns working in a booth) or whispering (interpreting of the speech is whispered to the customer, so that progress of the event is not interrupted).

We only work with experienced, professional interpreters who are able to perform outstanding interpreting in many fields.

When choosing an interpreter,
we respect the specific requests of customers.


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